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How is Inside Sales Changing with time

Inside Sales is selling of products or services remotely by sales representatives to prospective clients through phone or online and recently there is a steady growth in inside sales that is turning out to be beneficial for companies. Reports suggest that there is a growth of inside sales in the market under observation since the past 10 years, which is 300 percent faster than the traditional market. Digitalisation has completely transformed the approach of sales representatives in approaching customers along with a window of improvisation. However, all this has put up a trend. Since companies are coming up with new and far-reaching tech solutions the customers are even comfortable to buy products or services online.

The reason behind the quick and massive progress of Inside Sales

Cost effective- Inside Sales is much more cost - effective than traditional sales. It generates new customers at a 40-90% less cost than field sales. So no travelling costs and expensive meetings. A mobile phone, a laptop and a high speed WiFi connection is just enough to generate leads and improve sales.

Focusing on remote collaborations- It has been observed that with the development in technology and modern high design, customers are much more comfortable to have remote collaborations, meetings and resolving affairs. This has also paid as leverage to brand loyalty on behalf of the customers. They are no more afraid to close deals over telephonic conversations, messages or even emails.

The Contribution of Tech Solutions- Companies are always trying to reach to its customers in a friendlier and healthier way to retain them. Tech solutions have been incredibly helpful in not just helping sales representatives chalk out plans and strategies or store information about the clients, but in also building a strong customer relationship. Video Conferencing via skype, Text or Email, messaging via WhatsApp Business and Mailchimp have changed the idea of reciprocation from the customers.

Flexibility- The Inside Sales representatives are much more flexible as compared to the field representatives. While the CRM or Sales tools saves their time, they can contribute their time in finding unique and innovative strategies to approach customers. There are industries that need specialised attention to respective domains and hence sales team is split into groups to ponder over various customer segments that need attention.

Better training and improvement- The outside sales representative are often rushed in meetings and conferences and hence do not find time to improve their skills and ways. However, the inside sales representatives find ways to recreate their ideas and techniques and work skillfully. they spend more time with the leaders and so, they get a comprehensive training to know better.

Though the progress of Inside Sales is evident in the statistics, there is a long way to go. There is a change in the B2B behaviour of the customers and it is for good. Outside sales won't such get abolished, it has its own place in the market, however the rapid growth in Inside Sales has evoked many other companies to take part in this shift and have promising sales results.

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