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Hosting the Rear-View of Business

Online Reputation Management

Today, the internet is an essential means of daily sustenance, a positive online reputation must be maintained by companies. Before making any purchase, customers tend to find out the repute of the product/service through various platforms. Maintaining a good repute is key to successful marketing. Our experts help you manage your online reputation by providing the best solutions concerning your business. We cater to different types of business in their needs for Online Reputation Management with a number of services, that are catered after extensive market research

Rapid Response Management

Any feedback or review from a customer needs to be addressed in quick succession. Our qualified team will revert to your customers tactfully, attending to their doubts or unsatisfaction thus ensuring your brand is always loved by the public. 

Content Acceleration

A highly competent team will study your products and services and help you display knowledge-based content on your website. Knowledge-based content helps customers know about the company and also maintain transparency about services or products which would accelerate the trust in your brand.

Incentive Oriented Trust Harnessing

Maintaining your online reputation is of utmost importance and our experienced team help your customers put up reviews over various websites and assist you in leveraging your customer base to make new customers. 

Wide Platform Presernce Building

Every industry is entitled to be listed on specific platforms that accentuate their brand name and make it more visible. We understand your niche and based on the type of your industry, help you enlist in such platforms to get wider coverage. 

Case Study

A premium Ayurvedic products company approached us with a discrete requirement of managing their Online Reputation based on the reviews and feedbacks of the existing customers. They wanted to avail our Incentive Oriented Trust harnessing by providing their customers with sample products at no cost. The Growth Surgeons bagged the title of the point of contact between the company and its customers. We encouraged the customers to try their products and requested a review of the product over the e-commerce platform. The customers’ positive reviews had a massive impact on the sale of the ayurvedic brand and its demand increased in the market.   


  • Rapid Response Management - Rs.25,000/- per platform

  • Content Acceleration - Custom pricing

  • Incentive Oriented Trust Harnessing - Rs.500/- per review

  • Wide Platform Presence Building - Rs 2,500/- per platform

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