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Counting on Each Letter to Express the Unsaid

Content Creation 

Words joined together to form sentences doesn’t create content. Content is a rich form of expression put together as a promise to deliver what it's implying. We provide you with industry appropriate content that justifies your service or your product. Backed up by thorough industry research and company objective. We provide a variety of content creation services such as:

Web Content


Comparing your services or products to gifts for your customers, then web content is an attractive gift paper that is wrapped immaculately with detailed precision. It makes your gift invaluable. Our team of expert content writers provide you with quality web content that highlights your profession, your craft and your distinctiveness against all others. 



You can display the knowledge of your industry through weekly blogs and white papers. Our team of qualified writers help you to find out what style of the write-up is needed for your company. Is it educational and serious or promotional and conversational and help your customers know about you and how you are the best in the industry.



If you think emails are outdated form of marketing. You might be mistaken. A minimum of 18.1% of emails are still opened by companies.We ourselves have a track record of getting 34% opens through engaging and enticing content.So, still newletters or emails are best form of marketing. What is the key source of such a impressive percentage is valuable content, and we create content that is worth reading.

Pitchdeck Creation

Content is the base of any business, and so is its modulation to draw business. Any company profile or investor proposal that is created requires a pitching tactic made specifically for a purpose. Our experienced content creators will work together with you to create an amazing pitch deck that could attract potential investors, by emphasising on keynotes and unique features. 

Case Study

A Healthcare based SAAS company needed to come up in the Google Search listing, they came across GrowthSurgeons that provides Content Creation as a service. GrowthSurgeons possess experts for niche services, and upon consultation with our qualified Content Strategists, we came to the conclusion to update thier blogs with a definite frequency as their source to improve their SEO game. Though we agreed it would deliver delayed results, but promised it to be impactful. The final ruesults displayed the emergence of the company in the first page of Google search in about 6-7 months and generating numerous inbound enquiries for a demo. 


  • Rs.8,000/- for Web content

  • Rs.10,000/- for Monthly Blog Updation

  • Rs.2,000/- for each Newsletter

  • Rs.30,000/- for Pitch Deck creation

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