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Don’t Predict if You are Capable of Promising

Business Insights

Facts and figures never lie. They are massive evident truths that help you progress and develop. Business Insights are inputs that are created using analysis of data and statistics. It is a 360-degree overview of the present business and helps you make future decisions aided by exact numbers. Our experts help to create business insight reports for you. These coherent reports shall help you find a solution to any bottleneck in the business and act upon it with immediate effect.   

Dynamic Report

Our specialists with a keen eye towards data, study the metrics and cleanses the data to feed them to proven tools such as Google Data Studio to give you a comprehensive and dynamic view on how your business or a specific department is faring. Based on the requirement, these prosesionals build custom Dashboards to ensure you get a complete view of the data and enable you to make an informed decision by altering various filters and range in the data

Static Report

The raw data that is collected is first understood by our qualified data analysts and reports based on the requirements are created using spreadsheets. These reports wold be an amalgamation of charts, table and recommendations. These in-depth reports would help you to identify the gaps in the process or make informed decisions on where to invest next etc.   

Case Study

Case Study

A chiropractor clinic required business insights about their patient visits. Initially, they took the help of digital ads and tried to market themselves, the problem began when they couldn’t decipher how did the clients reach them? Even how effective were the digital ads in their business? Our Data analysts took the initiative to accumulate data from the Appointment Management database of the clinic and integrate it with the ads reports to frame a report that cleared the picture through data visualisation. Our work was to help the clinic by facts and figures, which was exceptionally done by our data analysts. The clinic found the direction to lead and our job was lauded and done. 


  • Dynamic Report: Rs,15,000/- for each dashboard

  • Static Report: Rs.2,000/- for each page

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