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Why you need a dedicated Content Marketing Team?

Each year the Strategic planners of the company come together over an elaborate and thoroughly extensive discussion concerning the marketing plan of the company for the respective financial year. This discussion is joined by a team of Content Marketing professionals who balance between business and the creative side of the marketing.

At this pint, businesses use content marketing as one of their major weapons. We are no more in an experimental stage. Content is a sure resort to achieve the unattainable. All that one need is to create an impressive content marketing team. Let’s find out how to build a stand-alone Content Marketing team?

The Team

Whether a startup or an established organisation, you need to have a dedicated Content Marketing team. But before you start with the team, try to nurture Content Culture in your organisation. What is a Content Culture? Content Culture is a creative spirit that needs to be provided to the people in the organisation. Foster their creativity. You can only create a content culture only if you encourage your employees to write and to have a perspective. A welcoming environment always serves the purpose to create new ideas and refurbish the old ones.

Your Content Marketing team must consist:

  • Content Strategists- Before initiating, you need a plan. A Content Strategist is the one who has his/her one foot at the business side and the other on the creative side. Known to join the points. They are the professionals who identify the market needs, target audience and then plan strategies that are formulated to enhance the reach of the brand/business.

  • Writers- They are known to be the gardeners. They put the ideas, strategies and plans to life. There are two kinds of writers, the generic writers and the niche writers. It’s always good to have a combination of both. Each project is a seperate sphere that needs attention by people who know their job well. There are specific aspects to a content. Blogs, Webcontent, Email marketing, books and brochure etc. Only dedicated writers would have a command over these.

  • Editors- It’s an eternal relationship, writers and editors. Though they have a love-hate relationship, they are inter-dependent. A content could only be brought to become ideal, (if not perfect) under the watchful eyes of an editor. Nature of a wise old man who guides the writer in case of an unjustified occurrence of a letter, word or sentence.

  • Coordinators- They are known to be the bridge of the team. A Content Coordinator job is to be creatively organised. It’s a rare combination and he/she is responsible for tracking the incoming projects, delivery, involvement of niche or generic writers etc.

  • SEO Specialist- If you want your content to go reach the target audience through google, knowing the appropriate keywords is essential. SEO specialists find relevant keywords that surge up the traffic to your creative post. You have to hire one if you want to go up the Google page ranking.

What is an alternative?

The clear alternative is to hire a content marketing team. When you outsource your content you get quality content that reaches you within the deadline. It’s cost effective and you don’t need to hassle yourself getting the perfect team on-board. All you need to do is get in contact with a content marketing who will provide you with all. These firms combine their writers, editors, coordinators to serve you with the best quality content, and in case of a startup you can focus on other vital aspects of the business and leave the content part to a hired firm.

We the Growth Surgeons are the best in Bangalore to serve businesses with through it’s exquisite services. We are known to have a steady hand in Content Creation which would benefit your business and help it grow an extra length.

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