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Noteworthy Works Need Remarkable Planning

Workflow Setting 

A blueprint is laid out before a machine is assembled and pressed into service. For businesses, a workflow setting is essential to manage every element of the company in a systematic way. Companies fail to scale up when the operations are not robust. We structure the workflow and the layout of the business for uninterrupted operations. Having specialised in serving customer-oriented organisations and connecting both ends of the thread in a meticulous manner, we provide various services that align with workflow setting such as:

Operations Settings

Tracking and recording data is vital in any business. It provides business insights and cognizance that can be based upon to take strategic decisions in the future. Our operations experts build metric based operations setting for easy analysis of the business by getting into all major mechanics. It can be optimized as per the company desires, fully-automated or human controlled systems. 

Digital Tools Setup

There are variousonlinetools available in the market that can help you systemize your workflow in an efficient and cost effectiveway. These tools can be free or paid. We identify such tools that compliments the process of the workflow of your company and introduces it to you.

Agent Training and Development

We take absolute responsibilityto train agents, managing the workflow set-up.These agents are introduced to the functioning of the system for smooth and easy access to conduct operations in a process oriented manner.

Process Optimisation

We study your business background and figure out loopholes in the business system that is constraining your operations and adjust the process of workflow according to your business parameters. We help you maximize your output by filtering ambiguity and fixing the process on behalf of you.

Case Study

A startup which was building a marketplace for photographers roped in GrowthSurgeons to handle their operations. The entire workflow was set up by our in-house experts keeping in mind the scaling up of the venture. Agents were trained to handle the workflow including customer service and co-ordinating with the photographers to ensure a win-win for all the three stakeholders. A variety of tools from CRM to complex marketplace apps were used to ensure that the customers and partner photographers received the best service from the platform. Our operations experts ensured that every interaction was taken as a feedback and efforts made to improve the process thus gaining popularity for the platform.


  • Rs.50,000/- for one time operations setting

  • Rs.30,000/- for monthly operations management

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