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Is Facebook the New TV?

Read our first post on Facebook becoming the Logan here.

Before Netflix and Amazon Prime Videos made their way into our lives, all we had was the television and the programs it threw at us. From never-ending television series to reality programs, we had a lot of programs and channels to choose from but the quality of them turns out to be depressing. And if at all you find something interesting to watch, you’re interrupted by a commercial that just shoves a product in your face and asks you to buy. Something similar is happening to it. With advertising dominating the social media platform, it has become just another medium for marketers to find out where we are and reach out to us. For every 5 posts, you can see commercials. Besides, there’re sponsored content on the right, left and even the smallest portion of white space you can think of.

And when you feel you’ve finally swum across those adverts, all you end up seeing are memes, videos, hoaxes, jokes from the 18th century and what not! The entire purpose of being connected has gone down the drain and all that we see on our newsfeed are just controlled content from the pages we’ve subscribed. Now that Instagram is linked to Facebook, what you see on Instagram is the same that you see on Facebook. Is connected-living extinct?

After the domination of advertising and brands, it has all boiled down to numbers – numbers on likes, comments, shares, and the range of reactions. Personally, I miss the days Facebook was simple, minimal, and worked on just one purpose – help people find their friends and family and help them stay connected. Now, it’s even too complicated to describe the phase of the social media giant.

In the coming days, we can only hope Facebook rolls back to its previous purposes and make things simple in our lives again. With more marketers switching to Facebook as the go-to venue for marketing and promotion, the amount of informative content is just below satisfactory. We wake up to things that add no value and sleep off with the same. With new features like virtual reality and Oculent Rift on the cards for the social media giant, we really anticipate Facebook will roll back to its initial purpose of connecting us with our friends and family and stay tuned for what they’ve to say than the thousands of brands and businesses we have no clue of. Here’s hoping Facebook will revive things and we could relive our days of glory all over again!

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