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How the Business culture is changing in India?

There are hundreds of countries in this world. They have distinctive roots, ethnicity and culture, and as we know every business is a reflection of its culture. This is the reason, offices and government institutions hire people from various cultures and encourage cultural exchange.

India is a diverse country, multilingual, multifaith and culturally rich. It is also a hub of a ton of MNCs’ and corporates. There are 25,000 direct and 1,50,000 indirect employees currently working in MNCs’. However, India has developed a specific business culture that is very formal, sophisticated and also orthodox. These MNC’s still follow a hierarchy, a top-down approach, which is traditional and needs to be changed.

The changing demographics

By now we all know what a start-up is. India’s start-up revolution started in 2014 and the start-up culture didn’t take much time to spread across industries. What is this startup culture? Startup culture is a workplace environment that nurtures creative ideas, friendly-flexible work environment and incorporates healthy communication and encourages flat hierarchy.

This is a concept that was welcomed by the new generation of the country. The India we live in today targets quality talent. This generation is smart, well versed with technology, eager to learn more and opinionated. Thus, they need to work in an open environment that culminates their talent, that will help them to think creatively. This environment is ideal for the GenX or GenZ population who like to feel welcomed when they join an organisation.

The change can be seen all over. People no longer want to do a 9-5 job sitting at cubicles. Researches direct that people work efficiently if they are comfortable, free willed and in a happy environment. That is exactly what the startups are providing to these individuals. So, when people are shifting from the corporate jobs to join a startup we believe it’s because of the environment that they are unable to receive in MNCs’.

What’s the edge the startups have over corporates?

Startup owners are quite confident about their employees and the work that they receive from their co-workers. According to them, startups are passion projects that are watered and mushroomed by all their team members. “We allow them to work even from home, with prior intimation. This has caused a lot of disruption in the traditional work culture as the employees now have a sense of ownership and flexibility to work for the best results. They are always ready to work.”- Jubin Shaju, Head, Human Relations, Chillr, a mobile banking app for banks.


Having a fun environment is important but maintaining a workflow and adhering to KPIs are equally important to regulate the operation of the business. A workflow would keep each employee aware of their job role and also make things easy and efficient. While KPIs will analyse the success rate of the company based on business objectives. Working in a free-spirited atmosphere is good only if it’s productive. The business culture is changing in India, however keeping a check over the business dynamics isn’t always a bad option to choose from.

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