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Presenting Innovative Ideas that Sell Itself

Inside Sales as a Service  

Inside Sales, generally known as remote or virtual sales. It is a service that focuses on phone-based business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) selling practices. It is more a natural way of selling unlike telecalling, which is more scripted. Our experts understand your products or services and help you sell by establishing a strong healthy business relationship, between the company and the customer. We help you reach customers on a more personal level. Inside Sales as a Services is more flexible, efficient, viable and thus productive. Our Inside Sales Service is white labelled to ensure your customers get a feeling that they are directly interacting with you. Our well trained and compassionate sales professionals ensure that your customers are given ample attention and care to ensure higher conversion rate. 

Case Study

Healthcare is a prime objective of every country. Now, with EHR being promoted by the government it would not be difficult for any EHR software to grab the attention of the market. However, it seemed to be exhausting for an EHR software platform that approached GrowthSurgeons for Inside Sales. Being a group of technology enthusiasts, they found it challenging to keep up with the trend of generating leads and retaining them. Our team of expert professionals well versed in Inside Sales like taking challenges and overcoming them. This is where our team jumped on the field, we were active in generating potential leads, nurturing them and developing a healthy cordial relationship with them. The relationship built by our sales experts are so strong that we just didn’t sell the product but continued to be the point of contact between the company and the clients even after the sale was closed.   


  • Rs.45,000/- per agent per month

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