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The Strategic Mantra for inside sales that would increase the Sales

What is the first thing that pops up in your mind when we refer to Inside Sales? Probably an image resurfaces of Leonardo DiCaprio talking over the phone in the Hollywood movie, Wolf of the Wall Street. Yes, it's that chaotic. While talking is said to be the Greatest form of Art, imagine convincing strangers to invest in a service or product over a phone or email. Only through specific strategies, you could acquire traits that would convince your customers and increase sales. We would find out what are the strategies that could accelerate overall sales for the company?

Inside Sales strategies to drive Sales Productivity

  • Know about your Product or Service- Go through the details of your product or service. You can't expect your customers to know details about the deal that you are offering. They rely on you, and as experts, in order to explain a product or service that you are selling, you need to have a thorough understanding. You need to be confident and aware of your own products to answer the queries of your customers. Make an extra effort to contact various other departments and know their functioning and perspective, this would include a different dimension to your view.

  • Get to know your clients- Your expedition to grow in sales starts with knowing your product, but the next vital step is knowing your customers. Every customer varies in their need, request or demand. There are various aspects that need to be considered before approaching them from your end. Their past experiences and future prospects are essential areas that need to be analysed. No two customers are alike, so be prepared to customise your approach or procedure to lead ahead. Once you have acquired information about your customer, you are ready to roll the ball.

  • Personalise your reach- Remote Sales or Virtual Sales is all about building trust with their first mode of contact i.e. you and the customers. When the world is revolving around technology, it's always a wise choice to join the brigade and bring a little hint of personalisation to your reach. A customer always needs to feel important, be it any institution or organisation. So, use of customised templates acts as a valuable addition to your email that you send to your customers, as it makes personalisation (your effort) evident to the customer.

  • Automate your CRM- Not just customised templates but technology is equally helpful if the sales info is updated automatically on your CRM. Get tools or software that syncs CRM with sales info. This is a great way to save time and avoid feeding information continuously by the sales representatives. It also dissolves the chances of missing on important details, that were forgotten by a sales representative to be uploaded.

  • Track results with regular follow-ups- Regular follow-ups are important to add substance to your inside sales. It is a great way to track customer experience and promote loyalty of the company to your customers. It can be in the form of follow-up calls or emails. Companies who opt for result tracking for their users are known to keep their customers happy and satisfied.

These strategies all-together increase the productivity of an individual in sales and enhance their performance, resulting to accelerate sales of the company. You can ace inside sales, by being a expert Inside Sales Consultant, through your approach and appropriate tools and software. So you can manage the chaos and bring out something productive out of it.

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