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Effective Ways to Hire Your First Recruit For Your Startup

One of the biggest milestones for entrepreneurs is the day when they recruit the first employee for their startup. After months, or probably years of struggling, the time would have come for an additional team member who would fit in both technically and financially. However, this major milestone is also your most crucial one as this lays the foundation for the entire course of your company.

So far, if your startup was running on your thoughts and that of your close circle, recruiting a new member means newer thought processes, experience, exposure, wavelength and culture. There could be a lot of jeopardy to the ways things were working earlier in your startup after the entry. That is why it is most important for you and your company to recruit the most ideal candidate. From our experience, we have compiled a few pointers you should consider when recruiting your first employee.

Hire Only When You Can Afford

This is basic but often neglected. Being a solopreneur, there would be tons of instances when you desperately need a workforce or an additional manpower to help you out with tasks. However, you would be unable to afford the financial burden. In such cases, do not recruit an employee in the pretext of trusting your instincts. There are tons of external factors involved and when a new recruit comes in, he or she doesn't know the weeks of struggle that has gone through for your startup to stand where it is. If you can't pay your recruit, it would instantly attract bad mouthing as well. This could be lethal for your business.

Potential >Past

Past experiences and achievements of your recruit could end up being futile if he or she does not show any potential or interest in your business. One of the first things you must look for in a candidate is the drive for success and the passion for visions similar to that of yours. The past experiences should only complement this potential to bring out the best in the candidate. Look for someone who can deliver quick results, understands your product or service and knows the knack of taking the right approach for the designated tasks. These are the factors that would be key in driving your startup forward.

Set The Right Processes

A new employee comes with a pair of fresh eyes. Whatever he or she sees first is the impression your startup creates in mind. That is why it is crucial for you to lock on any process that the new employee would be working on. You must fine-tune your processes and workflows the recruit would be associated with for work. When you figure out processes after the employee walks in, you are setting a bad example for your brand and business.

Enthusiastic Freshers Are Better Than Uninspired Pros

The difference between the two is the primal force of getting things done. A thinker could come up with the best ideas to build your company but it's the smallest action or gesture of a doer that would make any difference. When hiring, look for people who would get things done and then rest and not the other way around.

With startups redefining work and recruitment cultures, it is indeed high time we provided enough opportunities for the deserved. Academic qualification and swimming as hobbies are irrelevant when it comes to sitting on the desk and doing stuff. Shatter conventions and find the best possible ways to find your first best recruit.

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