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The Importance of Handling Leads Digitally in Offline Marketing – Part 2

On our last post, we saw how it is not just important to run campaigns, spread the word and generate leads but convert them to sales. We also touched upon the importance of offline marketing and why you should track your offline marketing efforts to optimize your RoI and get to inferences that make more sense. On this post, we are going to go a step further and understand how you can blend your offline campaigns with online strategies and make way for an efficient lead management system.

To start off with, you should understand that your work does not end with getting flyers printed, advertisements published or announcements made on air. You cannot expect people to know about your brand, your product or your service just by your efforts and that they would come back to you on seeing your campaigns. When you have triggered a campaign, it is also up to you to pull your target audience towards yourself and track the performance of the campaign. Only when you track, you will know if your target audience is indeed ready for your brand, is looking at your advertisements or if they want to get in touch with you. But how can you do this?

Simple – QR Codes!

QR codes might appear to be oldschool but there are tons of things you can achieve when you incorporate this technology in your offline campaigns. When you run an offline advertisement, you are making it difficult for your target audience to find ways to reach out to you. In today’s fast paced world, people don’t want to manually type out email addresses, websites, WhatsApp numbers, find Facebook pages or groups or even want to head to links and go for sign ups. Even when you run campaigns for everyday products or services, people still want to get to you through just one step and the best way to achieve this is by adding a QR code in your campaigns.

QR code generators online allow you to do multiple things depending on your requirement. If your campaign requires people to sign up for offers or services, you can design a QR code that takes your people to a landing page for signups just by scanning it. With URL trackers, you can differentiate traffic between your offline and online mediums and see how effective your offline medium is. If you intend to give away a free eBook or a brochure, you can deliver the content to your audience’s inbox directly with a QR code. With the QR code, all that your target audience needs to do is scan it and meet your campaign’s purpose.

Depending on the response of your campaign, you can compile the leads generated and have your sales team get in touch with them or introduce your brand to your new subscribers with a welcome email. Customers love immediate responses and this is one solid way to achieve this. If your campaign is not doing well, you will also know if the fault is with the ad copy, the content, the design or simply inappropriate positioning.

QR codes are one of the most undermined technologies in marketing and branding. When you use this technology creatively to your advantage, there is nothing like it. This is a practical approach to do more with available resources – something every startup wants and we hoped this aspect turns out to be helpful in your future campaigns. If you can think of any other technique, start a conversation on the forum


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