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Why Good Content is key to an Exceptional Marketing Campaign

So, you’ve been brainstorming for over two days for that perfect social media campaign that would bring in loads of traffic to your website. You’ve also set the campaigns up and ran it across all the major platforms for a week. Your boss says that your ideas are one of the most creative ones so far and your coworkers are sure on getting leads and customers from them. But a week later, you see a very marginal engagement in the form of likes, comments, and shares and meager traffic on your website.

As a marketer, you’ve done your job but from a customer perspective, there could be a huge blunder. Before figuring out what the blunder could be, put yourself in the perspective of a customer. When you see a click-baitish title with an amazing ad campaign, you would definitely click. For a marketer, that’s the first success. After you click on it, the decisive factor that makes you stay or flee is the content of the landing page. Content, the undisputed king of any marketing campaign, is the powerful force that will either surprise your leads or suppress them. No matter how much creative your promotional campaigns are, content is what will tell your potential leads about your campaign, what service your business offers, what are the advantages of opting in for the service, on offers and deals, and anything pertaining to your brand.

For instance, brands and businesses go an extra mile in teaming up with a designer to come up with a beautiful website. However, they fail to acknowledge the importance of content and what it can deliver to their audiences and fill their web pages with loose information, improper sentences, and poor grammar. The result, a surge in the website’s bounce rate!

So, the takeaway here is that for a website, as much as design is important, content is equally important for its sustenance. Now that you know, go back to your website and see if it has the right message you intended to convey in an appropriate manner. If not, hire a writer and fix the concern right now. The success of the next promotion that you come up with relies immensely on the content that it carries. Good luck!

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