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With the advent of digital era, marketing is of two types, 1. Offline 2. Online.

While offline marketing is the kind of marketing where you use bill boards, newspaper ads, leaflets etc to spread your word. Online marketing focuses on the crowd using internet.

To reach maximum number of people at a minimum cost, what you need is a well defined target audience and techniques to reach them. Hence, online marketing works well for you in this regard because it’s cheaper and easily accessible.

Even in online marketing, there is paid marketing where you pay Facebook or Google to display ads about your product to the potential customers. And there is organic marketing where your efforts of networking and establishing a connection with your target audience will generate leads which you can convert to sales.

An example of facebook marketing is given below:

We add 1 post per day based on the type of product you have on the products facebook page.

You’ll see post engagement such as likes, comments and reactions.

Once the organic reach reduces, we boost the post for Rs.100-150 per day

This will again create a ripple effect on the post on a daily basis

In first month, page like is likely to increase to 700-800 using only content.

Based on analytics, strategy for content should be varied.

If marketing is not one of your strengths, you could experiment and learn or outsource it to any agency who can do it for you.

Wishing you and your product the very best!

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