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How to brand your start-up? Branding insights for 2019

Every year the market is flooded with new difficult challenges. A company has to dodge those difficulties by keeping themselves afloat among an ocean of competitors. Every company starts to strategise and plan the branding and marketing the end of every year.

How do you think the companies that began as a startup, reach the pinnacle in just a few years? They could do that because they combated every challenge with creative and inventive ideas. For that, a company needs a strong promotion and marketing team that will have the ability to draft brilliant branding schemes.

The schemes should be distinctive and unique, so it creates a hallmark of the brand in the industry. That is the basic objective of branding. However, before you proceed any further, you need to set up a clear vision about the brand and how you want to impact the market with your business game plan. Let’s check out some branding tips that will help you strengthen your game.

Choose to prioritize the brand image of your business- The initial stage of a start-up, is the best time when you and your team are evolving, and grabbing every innovative idea. However, always try to prioritize the brand image before all, in order to make your business significant and easily recognisable to potential customers, right from day one trying creating a distinctive brand image.

Take a different perspective, other than yours- We know, you love your company. The ideas and concepts are all original and very close to your heart, but it's easy to fall in love with your own idea for the time being. This is what most of the companies miss out on, they forget to take an external perspective. Having said that, branding not just helps in getting loyal customers, but it also helps in getting loyal employees. Hence, it’s always better to ask doubts and queries from customers, about their experience with your products or services and take advice seriously. All this has extreme potential to improve your branding schemes.

Make a blend of both, Branding Strategy and Marketing- Shape your product or service in a more meaningful way. For this, an excellent idea would be to put your branding strategy and marketing together. An added advantage for a start-up is that they can be more flexible in terms of approach, as compared to a large company. Various marketing channels can be incredibly helpful, such as social media platforms, websites, emails, events, or even content marketing, they altogether play a vital role in branding your company.

A meaningful business logo- An attractive, relevant business logo helps you get noticed easily. A business logo has significant importance as any other branding or marketing. It should stand out amongst others and be expressive enough for others to understand the true purpose of the company. It should reflect the ideologies of the company, not merely a sketch but the logo must have the depth and professionalism that it requires.


Constructing a brand is a difficult task, but if you do with the right objective, the right planning, provide quality products, services and a bit of creativity, then you can go a long way. In fact, the tips would be helpful to do things in a more eloquent way. Moreover, if you want to attain success, then a vital thing you need to remember is to be aware of what’s happening all around the globe. This way, you can test it yourself and create a unique brand.

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