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Top trending tools that the companies need to use in creating a never before customer experience.

Do we still consider humans as the smartest being of all? Does the human brain overshadowthe functioning mind of every other species? How about sparing those debatable arguments for the scientists till the clouds get clear? Not sure about the intelligence quotient of humans, but we can definitely boast about the most impressive sensory organs. Human Anatomy establishes the fact that humans have five intricate sense organs, the eyes, nose, ears, tongue and skin.

Customer Engagement

Similarly, a company should have sensory organs that can track their growth depending upon the statistics and analytics. The major sense organ that could identify the trail is the Customer Experience. Let's take a look (pun intended) how to enhance the most vital sensory organ of all, through various tools:

Intensify Mobile Customer Support

Recent studies show that around 2.5 billion people have access to smartphones which is equal to 36% of the entire world population. The easily feasible device has become the first thing that a person reaches out to in any situation. People use their smartphones that is portable to seek any information rather than using their laptops. So the companies have to upgrade their mobile versions of customer support. A bad mobile support creates a sour experience for the customer as they have to walk that extra mile to call the company for reaching out their problem.

Opt for Online Communities

What is an online community? Online communities are groups of people over the internet who share a common interest and come together virtually to communicate via websites, email etc. It is evident that customers have an opinion about the products or services they use, uplifting a platform for them where they can share their feedbacks, read reviews and communicate to other customers, might be a great way to gain customer loyalty.

Enable Discussion Forums

Discussion forums are the bulletin board of the website. Customers can leave a message up on the forum and the company helps the customer by replying. Since it is a transparent platform, other customers join the discussion and it creates a flow. It has numerous advantages such as providing customer support, increasing customer retention, market research that creates a passage for personal interaction and community- based support.

Set up Self- Service Management

Self-service management is an initiative by a company to help customers solve their own query or problem. It has been observed that customers prefer this over other service management options provided to them. The company presents certain general information to the customer like the FAQ's and general queries that the customers have. To workout, the information should be simple and clear.

Device Automated Call-back

No one likes to wait in long queues and definitely not when you live in this generation where you need quick answers to all your questions. For a customer, waiting for an agent to receive a call while the agent is busy is frustrating. An automated call-back service would make all this easy by registering the customer's number into its data and the agent calling him/her up while he is done handling other customers.

These tools are a unique way to keep our customer happy by serving them better. Implementing these tools would also help managing your company better and in sync. With minimal changes you can make your customers feel valued and empowered. Every step that a company takes to heighten the customer experience is recognised and appreciated by the customers. All in all it's a win-win for both the customer and the company.

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