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How an 'exclusive' tag helps the brand

When there is a Big Billion Day Sale or a Prime Day Sale, one major attraction is the new product release and how it's available only on a particular e-commerce website. Indian customers were introduced to the concept of 'exclusive availability' by Amazon and Flipkart. When a new gadget or a product having a high selling potential is being introduced by a company, these ventures see it as an opportunity to bring in more visitors thereby sales and revenue to them. They hence partner with the company to make it exclusively available on their platform.

The advantage for the seller company is premium positioning of their product and marketing with a guaranteed page visit (footfall in the traditional sense).

As a bootstrapped venture without the luxury of huge spending capacity, building a brand identity is a challenge. But brand building is inevitable for scaling up and having a loyal customer base. While getting your product placed as an exclusive offering in any major e-commerce website might look a distant dream, the below story might give a perspective on how to capitalise on exclusive availability.

A voracious reader once visited a second hand book store to buy a novel. The store had a huge collection of books and after browsing through many, the reader shortlisted two books and was in a dilemma. While both the blurbs seemed interesting, one book was written by a famous author and other was the first book of a debutant. He decides to ask the store manager's recommendation. Not having read either of the books but still wanting to give a recommendation, he says "you'll find books of first author at every store, but this one is a rare book".

The second book is not widely available because the author is not famous unlike the author of the first book and hence no market for his books. But the store manager wasn't aware. He was using the 'exclusive availability' to showcase the product as a rare collectors material.

Sometimes, even in our startup journey, we need to position our product/service as exclusive and rare and we'll be able to beat the big guns in the game.

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