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Productivity 101 for Entrepreneurs

As entrepreneurs, we are constantly juggling among tasks and schedules. Sometimes, every minute in a day counts and several of aspects of our business and its operations rely on how productive we are.

With that said, it's not that easy in today's world is it? Just when you sit down with a task after spending solid 45 minutes on your meal, you get a notification on your smartphone that is not even remotely close to what you intend to do, relate to or of any use. However, that ting gets your attention more than your task. If not, you are either distracted by WhatsApp texts, Facebook tags, Instagram stories, YouTube notifications or any other social distraction.

But we can't blame our lack of productivity only on social media, can we? We have tons of other distractions and disturbances around us that prevent us from focusing on our work. To help you fight that and increase your everyday productivity, here are some quick hacks.

Know Your Primetime

Primetime could be a term we coined. According to us, it means the time or hour of the day you are most productive. Regardless of where you are or what you do, you have this sudden burst of energy or enthusiasm that lets you complete tasks with ease. All of us have our primetime and we just have to allocate the most important tasks for the day to that duration.

Commit to Tasks Publicly

There are tons of writers, businessmen and artists who make a public announcement of their next big task, venture or commitment in public or social media. Such people are driven by the fear of not being able to achieve the feat and public embarrassment. It is the same fear that drives them to be more productive and complete tasks that take them closer to their goals and visions by the day.

Have a Separate Work Phone

Personal phones can be really distracting considering the social hindrances we pointed out earlier. Instead, have a separate business number and have a phone with very minimal or productive apps you need to run your business. Social notifications can wait if you intend to be more productive. Either drop your phone off at home or at your workplace locker and ensure you use it just during lunch or a break.

Replace Music or Videos With Podcasts

When working, you can replace your music playlist with podcasts on business and your domain or industry topics. Podcasts are really motivating and tons of insights can be uncovered from the interviews and talks. These not just allow you to be productive but get newer perspectives on your work or business as well.

Complete One Task at a Time

Do not commit to more than one task at one point of time. Multitasking will be expensive when you don't know how to juggle things. Instead, take one task and complete it before you go for the next. This gives you an idea on prioritizing things and making a steady progress.


If your work involves redundant tasks that you need to spend time on every single day, look for ways you can automate them. This way, you can make a list on other important things you should focus on for the particular day and get started one by one.

These are some of our tried and tested productivity hacks. While all the points sound easy, the difficulty kicks in only when you try to follow them. But if productivity is too important to compromise, a few sacrifices are inevitable.

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