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Why LinkedIn Is the Instagram for Entrepreneurs

Instagram has been a wonderful platform for people into art like photography, writing, standup comedy, filmmaking, musically (just kidding) to project their works and build a brand for themselves. Through short writings, clips from their indie short films, posters and images to even time-lapse featurettes, Instagram has allowed people to connect with thousands of likeminded people from around the world.

What’s more interesting is that the platform has fetched such aspiring artists a fan base of sorts as well. Through stories, these artists are now able to interact live and in real time with their followers, listen to their requests and tailor their work and skills to deliver what is expected out of them.

While art is being satisfied on one hand, what about working individuals and entrepreneurs who believe in tech and possess professional skill sets to make a mark online?

Well, not surprising! This is where LinkedIn comes in.

What started off as a professional networking portal for industrialists, C-level employees and employees to connect online and network amongst each other has evolved into a professional Instagram-like network today. Entrepreneurs and solopreneurs believe LinkedIn is one of the best platforms to build professional brand and have their substantial reasons as well.

Platform to Share Learning Curves

LinkedIn is basically a community to evolve, uplift and repeat the process. Every aspiring entrepreneur or a professional here learns something on an everyday basis and if there is one thing that unites the people in the community, it’s the will to help out others. If you are looking for some wise words of wisdom, you would find answers from influencers in your circle through their posts, blogs and articles.

A lot of entrepreneurs share their updates on any meetings they attended, the outcomes of it, the approach they took to crack the meeting, any interpretation of life-philosophy from things as simple as crossing the road and more. From being just a portal to post job updates, LinkedIn has become a place to share experiences and help people avoid strenuous circumstances in life and career.

Platform to Share Insights and Thoughts

When I share an insight I uncovered while working on something, most people would pass it off as vague or insane in real life. But online, the case is entirely different. The community is full of amazing takers and open-minded people that tend to ponder on the insights you have and get into a sensible, healthy argument. It’s an endless loop of learning that happens every single day on LinkedIn. Through thought leadership articles, excerpts and updates, your insights and thoughts would be first welcomed as a novel thought and then discussed by people in your circle for perspectives. In reality, that is how any discussion should be!

Platform to Build Personal Brand

For every aspiring entrepreneurs and career-centric professional out there, there is no place better than LinkedIn to build your personal brand. Every comment you post on the updates of others, every insight you share and any article you write projects your commitment to your job, career and goal. All these smaller intricacies establish credibility to your persona and this will lead to you getting more people in your circle. When you involve yourself more in the community, you can see yourself becoming an influencer on LinkedIn. It’s a platform where you can practice personal brand building exercise and quantify results.

The entire platform is about projecting your skills and strengths and any touchpoint on the website is a place to make your mark. So if you are an entrepreneur, get started with working on LinkedIn for your personal brand and see it getting reflected on that of your business.

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