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4 Books Every Entrepreneur Should Read

An entrepreneur should always be updated. That’s what the world says. But you know what? An entrepreneur should always be informed. Grab a cup of coffee and ponder over the fine line that stands between staying updated and informed. Though there are tons of blogs, website, medium profiles out there that talk about tons of different stuff on motivation, business, experiences, spirituality and more, the best lessons come from the pros. The ones who have stood the test of time and been influential in changing lives! Such life-changing epiphanies come from the most unexpected pages of books you never thought would read. So if you are an entrepreneur, always curious on improving yourself and your business, here are some of the books you should read.

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*UCK

First things first, this is not gross. This is a game-changing book by Mark Manson. As an entrepreneur, there are very less instances in your life that leaves you with some peace of mind. Rest of the time, all you get to see and hear are your colleagues buying villas at a city’s suburbs, crushes and ex-girlfriends getting married, your juniors getting promoted, friends getting featured in magazines while you struggle to make it big. The fact that this book brings out is that everyone is fighting respective battles and all you have to learn is not give a damn about others and things that could jeopardize your ambitions. It’s a difficult art to master but by the end of the book, you will come out as a better person.

Permission Marketing

If you are a tech guy and want to know the basics of marketing and targeting people, Permission Marketin by Seth Godin is the book you need to pick up this weekend. This book sheds light on how conventional marketing techniques show right in front of you at a time you never wanted end up annoying people. It slowly introduces you to the concept of seeking permission from your target audience to be present with your brand and solutions and letting them know how your business can address and solve their concerns. A must-read!

The Power of Broke

It is the book for people like you and me and by people like you and me. We are not talking about multi-million dollar tech mammoths flaunting an office in Silicon Valley. We are talking about cupcake vendors, who went on to become millionaires. We are talking about broke people and how they turned their situation around for their advantage and rose to the top. This is a book by Daymond John, who was also a Shark Tank entrepreneur, who built his own fashion label with money you could never imagine. Inspiring aside, this is the book to get us going.

The Fountainhead

This Ayn Rand’s classic has sold over 5 million copies just in print. This book is known for unleashing an entrepreneurial fashion or a positive rage in the minds of people from around the world. Even Brooklyn Bridge Ventures’ partner – Charlie O’Donnell has this book as his favorite. If you are planning to grab any of the book to read, we recommend you start with this.

Apart from books like Jobs, Rich Dad Poor Dad, Stay Hungry Stay Foolish and more, pick up books like the ones we have mentioned and find newer perspectives in life and business. We have been benefited by these picks and we are sure you will too. Good luck!

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