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The Importance of Understanding Your Audience Before Running an Advert

If you are an entrepreneur who is on your own, you would know the hassles and shortcomings of running a company. There would be times you feel like giving up and moments when nothing seems to work out. Amidst all this, you are also determined to run the show with whatever support you have to make it big.

Along the journey, one such task that takes hell loads of patience and common sense to master is the art of paid advertising.

Ask any content marketer or organic marketer and he or she would know the pain of generating leads by investing time and effort. On the contrary, there is also a misconception that paid advertising is easy and that you need to have funds to gain online presence, generate leads and turn them into customers.

But that is completely false.

No matter how much money you have dedicated for your paid adverts, if you do not have the right market research insights, you might end up blowing whatever you have in hand like the Joker in The Dark Knight. And for a bootstrapped startup, this means a lot.

That is why this post is dedicated to understanding the insights to run better adverts. Check them out.

Understand Your Audience's Place of Hangouts

Facebook might be the biggest social media platform today but your target audience might be on LinkedIn. On the other hand, LinkedIn might be the most professional social networking websites but your one customer could be on Facebook. If they are not on both, they might be doing a simple Google search to try and reach you.

Understanding this is the ultimate cheat sheet to good paid marketing strategy. There are a lot of explorers online who would just click on your ad and see what it is all about, exhausting your budget. That is why where you place matters more than how many you place.


What sounds like a section in the economics and statistics book is another crucial influencer of your marketing strategies. Demographics help you target specific audience groups within your target audience, further helping you reach your customers. For instance, if your product or service is about offering a longterm solution to a concern, targeting audience who are travelling and not living in a particular geographical area does not make sense.

Similarly, you must also understand the average age group of your audience to tailor your ad copy and target more effectively. If it is a region-bound service, restricting your geography to that particular region will help you spend more judiciously on clicks and impressions.

Ad Copies

Writing ad copies is not a joke and writing within a specific set of character count is as difficult as planning a marketing strategy. That is where you need good writers to help you pack the punch within a few words and let your audience know about your brand. If you are good at writing, you could experiment.

Or, if you want good returns on your paid investments, we recommend you get a solid copywriter for your ad campaign.

These are the three crucial aspects you need to focus on before running an advertisement. This also means you need to constantly track the performance of your ad and keep optimizing it for effectiveness. If you intend to get started with effective paid marketing campaigns, you can reach out to us any time and we would help you out.

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