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Secret to Striking Successful Business Deals

If you are an aspiring entrepreneur, we are definitely sure you would have read a series of inspiring books about changing your attitude, becoming more open, confident, accommodative, watched tons of TED talks, Shark Tank and pondered up on elevator pitch. However, there is something that most books and people won't tell you or would overlook a concept as insignificant.

But trust us, this concept is way more crucial than it is perceived to be.

Usually, when you are generating leads and pitching your services to them, you are talking from your brand perspective. You have just one emotion and focus in mind - to get business. You try to talk about how professional you and your team is, your dedication to your work, professional experience and expertise, or that you would go an extra mile in serving a purpose.

If you notice, the essence of your conversation or pitching entirely likes on the sales of your product or service. Without your knowledge, you are actually pestering your lead with information overload. Your lead does not need to know the college you graduated from or the startup experience you have. All he or she is concerned about is a problem - a problem to which your lead is looking for a reliable solution.

In such cases, it does not matter if your brand has been in the industry for five years or that you have a couple of branches across the globe. All that it boils down to is the solution you can offer to your lead.

The reason why we are saying this is because in our entrepreneurial journey, we have learnt several life changing lessons on an everyday basis. But the most important one was on nurturing your leads. This is probably the most underrated concept as everyone wants to win clients but not help them. That is where you have the opportunity to stand out.

Lead nurturing is the concept of going an extra mile in helping out your lead even after you get an idea that you can't win the business deal. You might not turn the lead into a customer but here, you are investing in value and fetching returns. By giving your lead all the information he or she needs to know about the solution, you are offering a value. And value is one of the best investments an entrepreneur can rely on.

Genuine concern on your leads' conflicts will not just help you understand your target audience better but win their hearts. They would remember as a brand that stood by them during shortcomings and would recommend you to their people. We are talking about word of mouth without delivering a service here. And it has a very contagious power.

Next time you talk with a lead, talk as a friend who listens. Do not be in a hurry to sell things and wait for follow ups. Take time to understand the concerns and respond with genuine solutions. When you continue to do it, your leads will find you more trustworthy. And as you, trust yields business.

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