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Movies and TV Series Every Entrepreneur Should Watch

While most of us have the idea of starting up after watching a heart-pounding movie, some of us resort to movies as a source of inspiration. It’s more like solace or a road map that gives us ideas on how to go forward when stuck with a concern or just a break amidst weeks of work. Personally, we’ve met a lot of people who have shared the fact that they wanted to quit their day job and start up full-time business after being carried away by movies like The Wolf of Wall Street, Social Network, The Pursuit of Happyness and more.

A few people do oppose them telling they are just being unreasonable to venture into entrepreneurship after a 3-hour movie. Hey, but we all wait for that one calling right? It was that one anonymous letter that brought Harry Potter to Hogwarts. So for those of you looking for some mid-week motivation, here are a few flicks you can watch.

Pirates of the Silicon Valley

The epic riff between Silicon Valley’s two most iconic business rivals – Apple and Microsoft is powerfully captured by the film, which was initially intended to be a TV series. The movie revolves around the time Bill Gates and Steve Jobs were young and starting up and charts their journey as they grow big not just in business but in their desires to outdo each other, in any ways possible. We repeat, in any ways possible. Halfway through the movie, you’ll know why it’s been titled the Pirates of the Silicon Valley.