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Entrepreneurial Tips We Wish Somebody Had Told Us When Starting Up

Like most aspiring entrepreneurs out there, we started up after a series of events too! First, it was the scenario at work, where our ideas were implemented but we weren’t recognized or appreciated. Undeserving candidates getting promoted instead of us started becoming the norm. As days passed, we felt we were not adding any value to our skills and career though our contributions were reflecting on the company’s growth. Things had to change.

Like every other aspiring entrepreneur, we too binged watched movies like the Wolf of Wall Street, The Social Network, The Pursuit of Happyness and more to feed hope and determination in our minds.

After a lot of deskwork, we started up. We ventured into a journey that we thought would be an amazing ride where money would pour in, people would love our work, and things would be great. Boy, were we in for a surprise!

Whenever you think of starting up, the first visualization that hits your mind is on becoming a successful entrepreneur, getting funded, buying fancy houses and cars and shopping like a lunatic. But that’s not even the toughest part. The most difficult aspect of starting up is overcoming the fear of quitting your job for something better. Having been accustomed to routine and comfort, it is normal for paranoia to strike your minds, warning you of the consequences of losing your job in search of what is only probable.

But is it worth it? Totally! So if you are thinking of starting up, here are some excerpts from your experience that will give you a firsthand exposure to what it is needed to stay focused. These are not pieces of advice but a shoutout to every struggler out there.

1. Entrepreneurial journey is not a joke. It’s also not simple as it feels or sounds on your whiteboard.

2. Having a day job and working on your dream is like the chicken and egg paradox. In three months, you would feel your business is not growing because of your day job and to invest in your business, you need a day job.

3. Quitting your job is the best decision you would take. Trust us, it is always easier to get back to routine. It’s making a difference that is tough.

4. You will be broke to the every word of it. If you have saved up, they will burn down too.

5. There is no cut-to-the-scene where you are rich. The process is very, very slow in reality.

6. Your potential customers don’t give a damn about your company as long as you have an incentive or an edge to offer them.

7. Find a mentor. Your mentor is the parachute to your skydive.

8. Connect. Go for meetups, attend conferences and conventions and meet new people and introduce your company to as many people as possible in your community. You never know where you would be referred.

9. Keep working on your idea or vision despite the fact that it would take some time to see results.

10. Your business model or product would pivot two or three times before you hit the gold.

11. Read books and stay updated on what’s happening.

12. Do not go for funding if you can self-sustain. By getting funded, you are answerable to more people than you actually think. It’s not your idea anymore.

13. Work for the customer and keep your audience persona in mind.

14. Experiment your ideas because doing the same stuff and expecting to stand out doesn’t make sense.

These were some of our anecdotes we still look at before starting the week. Probably, as weeks go by, we would have more things to add and that is a good sign. If you have any thoughts, add them on the comments.

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