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Not Seeing Posts from Your Favorite Pages Anymore?

As brand developers, we’ve always been mentioning about the importance of building assets. Assets that you have complete control of and that which no other third party brand or company can come knocking at your door and ask you to pull down your content – in any form – out of the way of your audience. The reason we are mentioning this is because of Facebook’s very recent changes in its algorithms that further blocks organic content from brands and pages you follow or like.

In an attempt to give importance to updates and news from your family and friends, Facebook has done again what it does best – limit posts from marketers and advertisers who organically want to drive traffic from Facebook to their website, landing page, blog or other resources. If you remember, back in 2016, an algorithm from Facebook took away the chronological display of news on your feed and replaced it with something that limited brands to only 30% of the reach. A couple of days back, this has been further reduced, further depriving brands of their followers.

Mark Zuckerberg shared his intentions of creating an ecosystem on Facebook

for meaningful interactions, where people will spend less time on Facebook compared to the time before the algorithm was implemented. This change also means that you will be seeing more posts from your uncles, friends, colleagues and neighbors than the “You Won’t Believe What This Guy Just Did” sort of articles. Teen-ish and clickbait content will be seen less, forcing brands and marketers to come up with newer and more useful ways to connect with their audience.

Of course, Facebook also wants brands to spend more on its platform through paid advertising, sponsored content and boosted post. Keeping this aside, if you are a marketer and really depend on organic reach for your business, we suggest you ask your followers – mail them probably or use other social media profiles – to do a simple tweak to get your posts back on their newsfeed.

All you need to do is ask your followers to go to your page and simply hover the mouse over the Following button. They would immediately see a dropdown box showing you a number of options. Ask them to click on the See First option to continue getting updates that make it to their newsfeed like before. This is one of the first things you should do retain engagement and visibility. Speaking of engagement, do not ask your followers to simply tag or comment randomly on your posts in the pretext of engagement or interaction. Facebook will detect it and again send you back to square one.

To further know how you can organically make it to your audience’s newsfeed and grab their attention, reach out to us and our expertise will help you grow your brand. Get in touch now!

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