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Why Every Project Needs a Wiki Page

No matter how organized you are, things just go haywire sometimes. If they go out of reach sometimes, most of the other times, they are within reach and it’s us who can’t see them. When it comes to project management, it becomes all the more hectic. Dealing with multiple projects isn’t easy as it sounds. A lot of desk work is involved and you need to be organized to the point. Sometimes, you need to go out of your way to ensure things fall at the right place. From remembering the color code of your client’s logo to some of their most crucial branding guidelines and tasks, you need to record every single piece of information.

If you’re someone struggling to keep track of things, we’ve the perfect solution – a wiki page. Yes, a simple webpage of sorts that has all the information you need to manage your project distinctively. As a compilation of advantages, here are reasons why every project you handle needs a wiki page.

Know what you’re working for

Often, it happens in project management that people go with the flow. They deal with concerns as they come and there are only rare occasions of proactive measures that will complement the project you’re working on. It’s upsetting and no management course will ask you to go beyond what it takes to complete a task. Having a wiki page for your individual project allows you to come out of textbook knowledge and unlearn conventional. A wiki page will feature the mission, vision and goals of a project that will clearly guide you or your employees involved in that project to completely understand the prerequisites and the demands of that particular project, paving way for informed decisions and better understanding of the project’s path forward.

A Centralized tool for all your project needs

Working on multiple tools and platforms is tedious and we often end up overlooking some crucial aspects of a project when juggling between tools. However, when you have a wiki page, you have with you a centralized tool that will take care of all your project needs. A wiki page allows you to include the purpose of your project, add team members involved in the project, assign tasks, and do more. You don’t have to have separate boards or task managers to get things done. A wiki page is all that it takes for streamlined flow of your projects. This is especially useful when you have multiple projects and you only want people involved in a particular project to know what they’re working on.

Easy to follow up

Has it ever happened to you that you tried to convey an piece of information on a project information to one of your managers or staff but it got lost in the tangled threads of messages? Isn’t that annoying – not being able to follow up despite having communicated? Well, your wiki page will allow you to follow up with ease as you can easily amend changes and modify instructions, assign people to the new information and everyone in your project team can stay on the same page. It also allows you to update your people about any new information and ensure the understanding on a project is the same at every level of project hierarchy.

Tackle trickle-down effect like a boss

Usually, it happens that some of the major announcements on projects or companies that could perhaps impact workflow never reaches the last person involved in the project. Whether it happens due to inefficient management skills or improper knowledge transfer still remains a myth. The fact with having a wiki page is that you don’t have to worry about it anymore. With a wiki page for each project, you can ensure that even the person involved at the last stages of the project gets an idea of any major decisions and know how his contribution influences the flow of the project. Most people lose the motivation to work because they can’t see their efforts giving a shape to the project they’re working on. Wiki page helps people see what they’re working on and how it is crucial for evolution. This also comes in handy when you’ve to congratulate your team or specific people for an exceptional job, letting everyone else know and aspire for the same.

These are just a few reasons why every project you work on needs a wiki page. You’ll experience more benefits when you actually start working with one. If you’re a go-getter, having a wiki page will get things done. To know how you can have a wiki page developed, reach out to us. Good luck!

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