How can Startups establish trust?

Entrepreneurship is a serious thing. What we see from outside is just the happiness and contentment of successful entrepreneurs. We often overlook the innumerable hours of struggle and sacrifices that went behind building a brand. Right from the time we decide to quit our day job and venture into a business to actually finding clients and working with them, every single day is a struggle. Amidst all these, entrepreneurs are also destined with the job of getting things done, developing products and services and most important of all, establishing trust and credibility in the market.

If you didn’t know, establishing trust in the market is one of the most difficult things for an entrepreneur. More than our talent, skills, presentation, communication and proficiency at what we do, what our customers or clients look for is the trust factor. How competent are we as businessmen? Will we be able to pull off deadlines? How about the quality of outputs? These are the very first thoughts that strike our clients or customers and giving them answers to these is the tricky part.

However, there are a few basic things you can do to establish trust in the minds of your clients and we’ve discussed them below. Check them out.

Be Honest

Who doesn’t like honesty, right? Put yourself in the shoes of a customer and imagine talking to a businessman. Are you more likely to believe in someone who’s trying to fluff his product or service out just to convince you or someone who is to the point and is more concerned on solving your concern? Obviously the second one! Be that guy. Be honest, address their actual concerns and explain to them how your product or service can solve their concern and add value. Don’t exaggerate your product like the television commercials but just be to the point. If your product doesn’t address their concern, tell them. You might have lost a sales but have won referrals.

Be Helpful

Now, there’s this general notion that businessmen shouldn’t be courteous and shouldn’t emotionally connect with their customers or clients. For them, it’s just numbers and such other similar statements. If you think of them, they don’t make sense. Just like how we expect the companies we patron to be helpful and listen to us, we should reciprocate the expectations too. Going an extra mile and helping them with solutions isn’t a waste of time but an investment. Remember we mentioned something about credibility? Doing this will lay the foundation for it. It’s people we are dealing with and if you could see them the same way you want to be seen, you’ll know. Numbers do matter but not always.

Be Confident and develop business acumen

If your client asks you a question about your product or service or if he or she is exploring the possibilities of working with you, never respond by saying we will get back to you. That immediately brings down the quantum of trust or rapport you had built thus far and makes them suspicious about your skill and confidence. Instead of stating that or beating around the bush, be honest about your response or come up with a witty response. Either way, you will gain trust and also appear likeable. It needs practice but it’s worth it. Also, talk and convey your messages and intentions confidently. That completes half the task for you.

These are simple tips that work on psychological level and help establish trust in the minds of your customer or client. At the initial stages, before they could see your output or a tangible form of competency, these are the best ways to win trust and strike deals. If you can think of some other useful hacks to win trust, share them on your comments.

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