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How to Choose a Coworking Space?

Real estate is indeed a big concern today and I’m sure most of you will agree to it. From a place to rent for everyday accommodation to finding a space for a business, either there’s no space or no budget for our preferred space. This gets tougher in today’s time, where an entrepreneur resides in every one out of three cubicles in office, looking to start a company of his or her own and finding a space to run the venture. As a startup, neither can the entrepreneur dream of having a cozy little space to operate from nor can he or she work from the comfort of home after office. It’s during these times that one of the greatest boons of all times comes into action – coworking spaces. With so many like-minded people and aspiring businessmen striving hard to shape their dreams into reality, coworking spaces are the to-be places if you’re serious about your idea of starting a venture.

But how do you know which one is the right one?

Simple, just find answers to the factors below.

Your Vision

Before deciding on a coworking space, be clear on your brand or business’ vision. Decide what your business is about and if it really needs a coworking space to operate. If your business is something that requires more visitors or frequent client meetings, your coworking space should meet these requirements. Does your business require a calm ambience for you to work in or an electrifying set up with ideas flying from all the nook and corners of the place? What’s the calling facilities available, space for conferences, the internet speed provided, the size of the desk, the people you’re sharing your space with? Consider all these and write down the pros and cons before you pay for your space.

The Working Hours

I know entrepreneurs have no fixed working hours but coworking spaces do. That’s why you need to ask them about their hours of operation to see if it matches yours. If you have a day job and intend to work only in the evenings, ensure if they’ll be open at least till 11 p.m., or whatever time that’s convenient to you. If your business is your full-time job, then confirm about their opening hours so you can plan your schedules accordingly. One of the other things that ties back to the working hours is the budget. If a coworking space operates till nine in the evenings and you work from 7 to 9 in the coworking space, shelling out cash might turn out to be an expensive investment. Coffee shops would be rather more convenient in that case. Do the math and decide.


I mentioned internet speeds and calling facilities in one of my previous points and that’s crucial depending on what you do. If you’re a graphic designer or a video editor working freelance, you’ll need an internet connection that is superfast and consistent. If you’re into consultation, you need to have space to make calls without bothering the business of others. If you’re a writer, the business of others shouldn’t bother you. Check out the infrastructure of the place and think how it would influence your work before you pay.

The People

Be it your office or a coworking space, it’s the people there who make up the place. So, when checking out the place, ask the caretaker or the person responsible for the coworking space about the people there and the businesses in progress. It will either help you network organically and establish a rapport or help you decide if you should look another space. You don’t want to end up working amongst uninspiring people, do you?

Trial and Refund Policies

Most of the coworking spaces allow you to try their place for a day before you decide to move in and we highly recommend you utilize the opportunity. This will allow you to visualize how your everyday routine will look like and the discomforts you’re likely to face. Also, enquire about their refund policy if you have to leave the place before the stipulated time.

At the outset, finding a coworking space might sound easy but when you get down to search for it, you’ll know the struggle. Since it’s concerned with your brand and business, take extra care on selecting a coworking space. If you can think of any other factors you should consider, comment below.

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