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Quora – A Less Explored Avenue for Branding and Promotion

Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat story, Instagram story, Facebook story..aah! Social media is so annoyingly cluttered with too much information. While some pieces of information arrive as useful, most of them just show up for no reasons. With the internet being the primary source of information for seekers, there has to be a better place for them to find what they’re looking for and in the most credible way. Even from a marketing aspect, it feels like brands and businesses are beginning to lose their presence in the clutter. So, what’s the most practical alternative seekers and marketers can opt to?


Yes! Branding on Quora, when done right can offer you tons of online visibility, credibility and brand value. However, there’s a catch and you cannot just go in there and paste the link to your product or service or a Facebook page and claim sales because Quora will find it out and block your profile. What’s needed for branding in Quora is a humane approach. We’re sharing a few tips from what we did and gained traction. You’ll find them useful. Check them out.

A Precise Profile

One of the biggest mysteries for marketers is finding out where their target audience hangs out. And in Quora, they’re right there before us, asking questions for which we have all the answers and solutions. But they won’t bother to look at your answer or follow you, until you have an optimized profile. So, firstly, do not create a profile for your product/service. Use your persona and have a profile created under your name. Be human and tell the people who you are, what you do and make it light. Be quirky if you can or just

be to the point.

Moreover, Quora also allows you to customize your bio for every distinct topic, allowing you to be a subject-matter expert for the topics you have expertise on. For instance, if you’re a CEO of a tech product and a baking enthusiast, you can have two different bios for each.

Be an Evangelist

Never be a marketer on Quora because neither Quora likes it nor the people in the community. People use Quora for a purpose – with a belief that their concerns will be genuinely answered. And if you just barge in with your product with a sales pitch, you’re not going anywhere. So, come off your marketing face and become an evangelist of your product. Connect with their concern and tell them you had a similar one and one thing that has definitely helped you overcome is a product or a service that you used. Again, the tricky part is knowing which is marketing and which is helping. So, focus more on how your concern got solved and not how the product solved your concern. Remember, it’s your product that’s getting the limelight anyways.

If you’re a blogger, you can drive traffic from the platform by starting off with relating to their concern and gradually saying that you’ve written a detailed write up about the concern and that they can read it on the link.


If you don’t find any questions on your niche, ignite the fire by asking questions. If you follow people on the same niche, tag them for an A2A. This will help build a buzz and a community of a niche audience, where you can slowly infuse your product or service organically.

So, these were the simple tips on how you can use Quora for branding purposes. If you want more detailed tips and best practices, get in touch with us.

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