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Why Layoffs are a Blessing in Disguise

Hiring is firing with an F!

News is pouring in from the IT sectors on some of the largest tech companies in India closing their doors for their in-house talent pool. Over the last couple of years, IT in India has been facing turbulence and this time it has gotten far. With Cognizant planning to carry out huge layoffs and other tech mammoths opening their doors for resident workers abroad, there is much heat riding the most popular industry in India. From cutting down on expenses to reinvestment in automation, whatever the reason is, if you’re on the verge of getting laid off by your employer, don’t panic.

No, don’t!

It may appear like I’ve just casually written about it but my life came to a standstill when I was laid off by my employer a couple of years back, too. While I was rigorously filling an Excel tracker on my weekly schedule, planning out my tasks and making time-management sheets, I was called by my reporting manager to a room, where the HR was seated, too. What happened next was unbelievable. After a few moments of sweet-nothings, I was asked not to come from the following day. It felt like my whole life came to a standstill. Ripples of fear passed through my body, leaving my mind blank. I couldn’t digest the fact that I was fired and it took me a lot of time to accept that I didn’t have to report to work the next day. I was answerable to a lot of people – from anxious relatives to my apartment’s watchman and reasoning them about getting fired was the last thing I wanted to do.

However, all these were just impulsive emotions. When something unexpected pops up in front of you, you tremble and that’s what happened to me. When my mind was clear of all its fear, it started thinking and everything began to make sense. There was a newborn hope in me that things were not bad after all. My mind came to this beautiful conclusion that from the following day, I could be anyone I wanted to be. Perhaps, in the race of life, I would have done the same thing until my 60s and retired with regrets. But life had offered an amazing opportunity through a bizarre situation and if I didn’t capitalize on it, THAT would be a mistake.

I’ve always wanted to become a writer and that’s when I started taking it seriously. What happened next was serendipity (behind a lot of hard work, sacrifices and perseverance though). The thing is, if you’re getting laid off are have been offered a pink slip, just don’t take it to your mind. It’s not the end of your life. This was bound to happen one day. The lesson here is this is what will be destined if you keep working for somebody else.

The best thing to do right now will be to start investing on you. The time and effort that you dedicate for somebody else’s progress, do that for yourself! Go ahead and work on the product you had in your mind, take up that course you always wanted to and upskill, chart out your business plan, network and connect with people. Get that entrepreneur within you and introduce him/her to the world. The world is full of possibilities and it’s up to you to notice them and capitalize on them.

Use this chance to become the businessman you wanted to and leave regrets to your employers. Thank them for this and keep moving in your journey to becoming an entrepreneur. The world doesn’t need more tech corporates. It needs entrepreneurs and visionaries like you and me. Get out there and live your dreams. I’m sure you’re capable of a rebound. Good luck!

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