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How to balance your startup with your day job?

Two out of three cabins in a modern day office have an aspiring entrepreneur, who has this amazing business idea aiming to quit his/her day job, become his/her own boss, work his way out of his current position and make it big in life and career. But unfortunately, the long work hours of the aspirant and those innumerable unscheduled meetings tend to hinder the time one needs to invest in a startup, slowly crushing their dreams of moving away from the convention and do something meaningful.

People have done it for over decades – they’ve all taken up day jobs and second jobs to support more financial inflow, too. However, perhaps because of today’s lifestyle, eating habits, and work culture, we tend to become tired too soon after or while at the day job. So, here, we present you some really useful tips that will help you balance your startup dreams with your day job.

P.S. We’re not listing conventional strategies like work hard, hustle, manage time better and more. These are more doable things you should implement right now!

Take that Power Nap

You remember the old commercial Indian cinemas, where there used to be a song track or a comedy track as transition after a tragic scene? The intention was to divert audiences from immersing into the misery and get back to entertainment. A power nap is your way to getting back on track to productivity. Regardless of what time you come from work, make it a point to take a power nap of one hour and start afresh with your startup work. This will help you recover from the shadows of your day job and make way for fresher ideas and the mindset to get started with your work.

Eat Healthy

This is for real! Change your eating habits and get started with more healthy food. Since it’s summer, hydrate yourself with juices, tender coconuts, salads and more and eat what makes you comfortable. Your diet has a direct connection with your mind and body and if you eat irregularly or eat more of junk, the chances of you becoming tired or sleepy too soon is high. Eat fresh and stay fresh!

Work out

As I said, our disproportionate lifestyle is taking the best out of us, bringing in fatigue and exhaustiveness too soon to do anything. Gone are the days we were all energetic and bubbly. Now, we either look forward to the weekends to sleep our time off or just lay on our bed thinking of making it big. Remember, both are futile. You need to bring back the energetic you and start doing some workout as it keeps your body active and mind fresh. It’ll help you stay fresh and late and make sure you don’t feel fatigue sooner.

Ah, the Social Media

I know, before you started your venture, you had enthusiastically followed entrepreneurs, motivational quotes on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more and just take in your dose of inspiration from them daily. But as time passed, all you’re doing is just going through your news feed of various social media handles and just aspiring. Aspiration without action is pointless. In fact, you can stay more fresh and active if you spend minimal time on social media or only when it’s actually required. Always prioritize your work over social media in your free time and you’ll notice that you’ll finish your work faster than you thought, allowing you to get back to it soon. I’ve uninstalled most of the social media apps from my phone. I’m not asking you to do the same but just saying that it’s helping. I’m able to think more and even going oldschool with the good old notebook and pen. Feels blissful. Give it a try!

So, these were my perspectives of balancing day job with your startup. These work and I recommend you start following them, too! Good luck!

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