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Starting a Startup without Technical Knowledge

Technical Co-Founder

I know this is most unfortunate. You have that perfect idea in your mind that can fetch investments funding and go on to become popular in your niche. But on the other end of the spectrum, which we call reality, lies the fact that you’ve minimum or zero technical skills required to give shape to your ideas and get it up and running. Technical, in this case, can be anything – it could be an app that can save lives, business approaches such as branding and marketing, financial and legal technicalities, tech familiarity and more. Though not sure of how to proceed, all that you have in your hand is an idea that you believe in; an idea worth investing your time, money, and effort.

To all of you out there standing perplexed in this situation, do not back off from your idea of starting up. You can tackle your technical limitations and come out successful like a boss.

Identify and Acknowledge

Changes start from within. So, the first thing to do is to identify and accept your limitations. If you feel your idea needs the requirement of you to know coding, accept the fact that you don’t know how to code. Or, if you feel your idea requires knowledge in digital marketing, acknowledge that shortcoming. This could be downright simple or the hardest part of your journey to becoming an entrepreneur, depending on how you see it. Once you acknowledge, you open up to the next phase called finding a solution.

The Antidote

Now that you know where you lack, your mind accepts this fact and helps tackle any form of anxiety or paranoia that would hinder your thoughts. This will help you sit down and think of a solution, which could be anything that works best for you.

The Analysis Stage

Path to becoming an entrepreneur is pretty much similar to that of a buyer’s cycle. Just like the different stages in a buyer’s journey, you’ve your own set of pathways. You’ve crossed the identification and consideration stage and it’s time for you to resolve your conflict. To help you make a decision, begin by reading up a lot, taking up crash-courses, talking to people who have excelled, listening to YouTube videos and podcasts, or by having a mentor. All these will only help increase your horizon which is right now very limited. Delve into your list of probable solutions and you will definitely zero-in on one after inputs from these influencers.

Get Your Hands Dirty

Once you decide on the one solution that will change everything, it’s time for you to get your hands dirty. If you feel you need to learn a programming language and develop your idea by your own, go ahead and do it. If it makes perfect sense for you to take up a certification course on to start your agency, don’t waste time. Or, if recruiting someone with an expertise in the field you lack in is the practical solution, get out there and find your recruit.

If the requirement requires deep knowledge on Coding and developing a product, you can join a co-founder who has the same vision and is comfortable working with you.

The thing is, there is nothing called limitations when it comes to starting up. When you’ve decided to start up, you’ve already surpassed millions of people stuck in mediocrity. Just remember that there’s no stopping now. You don’t need to have a technical knowledge to start up because you can always develop one.

All you need is the spirit and the will to go ahead and you’ve enough of it. Good luck!

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