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Instagram as a Marketing Avenue

Instagram as Marketing Avenue

If Facebook pays its attention to something, it really must be doing some brilliant stuff. It was the year 2012 and the social media mammoth came out with a master plan to acquire Instagram, which was at its all-time peak as an independent application. It’s been four years and the number of users on Instagram has only increased. As marketers, if a platform has a rock-solid user-base, one of the preliminary things to do is to establish a presence. Unfortunately, however, a lot of people fail to capitalize on the treasure-chest that Instagram is.

Apart from the food post from self-proclaimed foodies and selfies of college kids, Instagram is also home to some serious profiles. There are millions of people out there who are into diverse things, seeking services and assistances in the niche they are into. There are those professional photographers, who sweat it out for that one perfect snap; aspiring home-cooks, who take pride in sharing their delicacy with their world, and there are tons of creative artists who are into creating some beautiful poetry, music, vines, and hand-made products. As marketers, if these aren’t our potential clients, who else is?

One of the most fascinating aspects of Instagram is the reach of the posts that you share on your profile. Unlike other social networking websites, the impressions that your posts garner are not just limited to your friends or your friends of friends. Instead, your posts are available for the entire world to see. With the use of right hashtag, that exact one customer can be targeted, brought in, and made him or her as a customer. That’s the power of Instagram. If you’re still not convinced, just check out the numerous profiles of people, who run small businesses with their Instagram profile. Check out how they reach out to their potential customers and retain them. If you own a business as well, it’s high time to get started with Instagram marketing. However, if you feel this is where you need to be but are unaware of how to go about using the right hashtags and captivating audiences, you can always seek assistance from the pros. What are you waiting for?

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