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10 best steps to set up a high-performance team for your startup

First and foremost, you need to justify the need to set up a team in a startup! I said this because, many startups today go on a hiring spree without setting the ground and ultimately the start-up fails!

Now coming to the title, the following are the 10 steps to be taken to set up a high-performance team for a start-up

  1. In a startup, hiring someone for a role should arise only when the co-founders are unable to handle the volume of work.

  2. Setting up a team should be considered only when the person hired is unable to handle the volume by himself/herself

  3. The first 30 hires should be really smart and dedicated people who understand what working in a startup means.

  4. Train your first member of the team on the process and make improvements to the process based on his/her feedback.

  5. Maintain proper reports

  6. For your next hire, ask the first hire to train him/her. This would automatically set the hierarchy in the team.

  7. As more people are hired (4–7), promote the first hire as the team lead/manager for that team. (Make sure your first hire is capable of handling this responsibility and ensure you hire the right candidate for this role)

  8. To ensure the team is highly productive, make sure they run race together as a team not as individual players.

  9. Give team targets and motivate them to work together to achieve it

  10. Give team incentives when targets are achieved such as a team lunch or an outing.

The golden rule is, a good team will either make or break your company!

Wishing you the very best!

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